Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Loaded O Joins the PNW Portal

Carla and I are both veterans of the Pacific Northwest Portal, a really great aggregator of leftist blogs from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and now also Montana and Alaska. Preemptive Karma is one of the founding members I believe, and Also Also, the blog I did with a friend from Cali, was right behind them. So we're big supporters.

Here's the deal: for some of the top blogs in the region, you can browse the front page of the Portal and see what's new at each of them, opting to click on those that interest you. It works a little like LeftyBlogs over on our right sidebar--------------------------------------------------------------------------->,
but arranged by blog and THEN chronologically, rather than just "newest on top," whoever's most recently added something. That lets you review several of your favorite blogs at once, seeing who's updated and who hasn't, saving yourself the trouble of clicking over there. And at the same time, you won't miss topics of interest just because they've scrolled off the screen in a couple of hours. Beyond the syndicated top blogs, there are literally hundreds of others linked from inside pages of the Portal.

Starting today, Loaded Orygun will be taking Also Also's place on the front page, right underneath Blue Oregon in the middle (OR) column. We're #2! We're #2! We're proud to be syndicated, and we're excited by all the updates and revisions the NWP team has done, resulting in the launch of Seaside 4.0. If you haven't been by in a while, check out all the new bells and whistles. If you haven't been at all, take a look. You may just decide to make it your morning start page, keeping you totally up to date on what's hot in the Northwest blogosphere. And when breaking regional news hits, you can catch all the coverage from one spot. Viva la Portal!