Thursday, June 22, 2006

Gagging Lars Larson: Do we care?

There's an interesting exchange happening over at Oregon Media Insiders regarding KXL sales staff dictating content to conservative radio bigmouth Lars Larson.

When I first read about this, I was a little surprised that Lars would allow it to go on. He doesn't seem the type to shut up and take it. But then he does seem like a pandering conservative whore, too. Maybe whore trumps personal pride in the conservo radio biz.

The comments on OMI were what really drew me in. Especially this one:

Let me get this straight. A guy who is no longer a journalist and not held to the same standards, who in truth is purely an entertainer, was prohibited from attacking an advertiser.

This is the same guy who does celebrity endorsements for ads that run during his show.

And you're outraged?


I was surprised at how much this one hit home for me. I think many of us are lulled into this notion that radio talk show hosts are disseminating news. That's not the case. They're giving a news related opinion--often having turned and twisted to the point of justifying inane stuff.

In reality, what's happening with Larson isn't a censoring of the news. Its a censoring of his opinion.

And while I wouldn't put up with that myself if I were him--its not an unethical or immoral breach by KXL. Its certainly going to give KXL listeners one less thing to get their panties in a twist over as well.