Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Gordon Smith's anemic poll numbers

Even with all the media absenteeism on his Bush-lockstep voting record, Gordon Smith appears to be facing eroding poll numbers.

Smith is sitting at a 47% approval with a 41% disapproval.

According to Survey USA, Smith's favorable numbers are on the decline and unfavorables are on the rise.

Democratic Senator Ron Wyden is at 56% approval with a 33% disapproval.

To put the poll in an even greater context, 14 of the 20 Senators with the highest approval ratings are Democrats, 5 are Republicans and one is an Independent (Jeffords of Vermont, who caucuses with the Dems).

What's it all mean? Smith is suffering from Republican fatigue. His positions haven't changed all that much--he's still your garden variety conservative who tosses the high profile moderate bone to the constituency every once in a great while. So it seems to have little to do with his voting record or issues.

Its apparent that the nation in general is finding Republican rule is wearing thin. Oregonians look to be in step with the rest of the nation on that finding.