Monday, June 19, 2006

Dishonesty isn't the best policy

I'm sincerely pleased that the Grand Rhonde Tribe is making lots of money from their gambling operations. After two hundred years of oppression and subjugation, the Tribe can now become a self sufficient entity, providing for their people generously. In my view, this is a good thing.

I also have no problem with the Tribe being a major player on the political scene in Oregon. They've got the bucks, for sure.

What I dislike is the Tribe's sneaky advertising.

During the primaries, the Grand Rhonde Tribe took out ads blasting Mannix and Kulongoski for their support of a casino for the Warm Springs Tribe in Cascade Locks (Mannix didn't articulate a support for the casino per se, he merely refused to say he'd block it).

But the ads weren't about following the law of one casino per reservation or about protecting the Gorge. Instead they made up some trumped up bullshit about how Oregon didn't need more casinos.

Then to top it off, they didn't credit themselves with taking out the ad. They made up some stupid name to the effect of "Oregonians for no more casinos".

I have zero respect for an entity like this--who makes up a BS ad citing BS reasons, and then doesn't even have the courage to put their name on it.

The Grand Rhonde Tribe doesn't want another Tribe to have a casino close to Portland because it would cut into their profits. Perhaps substantially. There is no other reason for that advertising. Its incumbent upon the Tribe to protect their interests and I find that completely understandable. But they've lost me because they don't have the strength or the courage to be honest about what they're doing.