Sunday, June 18, 2006

In which we call bullshit against our own ad space..and take the money anyway

Loaded Orygun isn't exactly a rainmaker for TJ and myself. We've scraped enough money off of Blogads to look into getting a real ISP and a new interface. We might even have enough soon to get someone to design us up something really snazzy looking.

Ad submissions are generally benign things. But after having received a head's up for the latest ad (see the right sidebar), I clicked through.

The ad is complete bullshit. Its a deceptive piece of garbage that dresses up as pro net neutrality, but in reality is just the opposite.

Our readers are smart enough not to be fooled by that kind of crap. But I want to make sure that if the person who submitted the ad stops by to check on it--they see this post.

This is me--flipping them off.