Sunday, June 25, 2006

Spanning the State--fry an egg on the sidewalk edition

Summer has arrived in Oregon with a vengeance. Temperatures are expected to hit the high 90s in the Portland area and the Gorge. Things should be a little cooler in Central Oregon and the mountain regions.

The decision to spend huge sums of cash to effect the political process is causing a rift in the Grand Rhonde tribe. This extremely well done O piece goes into the problems between some tribal elders and the current elected leadership. One tribal elder is quoted as saying,"I couldn't care less if that casino burned down tonight". Its a fascinating peek into the clash between money and cultural values.

The Bend Bulletin has a nice tribute to PFC Tom Tucker who was killed while serving in the Army in Iraq. Tucker's death has angered and saddened many Oregonians to the core. But its also brought the war home to us in a way that other soldier's deaths haven't.

We're often told how state government is wasteful and should cut the budget. But rarely is anyone who makes these claims able to point to a budget line item and declare how much cash should be spent instead--or that it should be cut entirely. However those of us who say the budget has been cut too far can point to areas of state government and offer up specific examples.

Columnist Mike Green of the Ashland Daily Tidings paints the scary scenario of what would happen if Bush refuses to step down after the 2008 elections. It actually seems plausible after reading Green's piece. Ugh.

Apparently due to the ability of more folks to get into wooded, isolated areas, attacks on Forest Service workers are way up. And the Forest Service continues to undergo budget cuts, allowing them fewer workers. Another example of inappropriate budget cutting.

There are some really cool ideas to make Jackson County Fairgrounds in Medford into a concert venue and community gathering place.

Brookings-Harbor School District closed its doors this week due to a budget shortfall. All school facilities were closed and employees weren't paid.

A resident of Joseph won the June 21 Megabucks drawing of $8.8 million.