Sunday, June 04, 2006

Spanning the State--Soccer Mom edition

Sunday. That first day of the week. The day when many Americans attend church, have barbeques, do family get-togethers or neighborhood events. Not me. I'm spending the day at a soccer field, cheering my kid's team during their tournament. But before I pack up the car with camp chairs, umbrellas, jackets, soccer balls, sweatshirts, rainjackets, water bottles, Gatorade, kids, dogs and extra snacks--let's span the State!


The goobernor race is getting REALLY crowded. Saxton has gotta be sweating.

The City of Beaverton's Board of Design review gave a less-than-enthusiastic approval to a WalMart for the Cedar Mill area. The Board says they were constrained into approval because of zoning laws left over from Beaverton's annexation of Cedar Mill. Given the hardcore, well financed opposition--expect this to break into an all out war.

Oregon State kicks Kansas' ass. That's as it should be. It is Kansas, after all.

The region hit by the 2002 Biscuit Fire continues to generate controversy. The US Forest Service is proposing a timber sale from trees taken by helicopter out of a roadless area called Mike's Gulch. The sale has been challenged by enviornmental groups eager to see the area regenerate on its own.

Rural areas of Malheur County are beginning to see a housing rennaisance.

Ted says he's looking to possibly provide cash payments to fishermen whose livelihood has been drastically damaged. Federal managers closed the Southern Oregon coast (and heavily restricted the rest of the coast) to fishing due to low numbers of salmon returning to the Klamath River.

I'm including this link from the Eugene Register Guard--just because I love the photo. It almost tells the entire story without words.