Friday, June 02, 2006

BOGging down in an act of cowardice

This morning over at Jack Bog's blog, an act of complete cowardice took place at the hands of the blog's owner. With malice and intent to threaten, Jack outed TJ's real life information.

Jack didn't do this outing as an act of self preservation because TJ was causing him any real harm. Jack did it because sometimes Jack posts things on his blog that are clear bullshit. And when TJ calls Jack on his bullshit--Jack doesn't like it.

Its certainly Jack's perogative to post things on his blog that have nothing to do with reality or fact. Its his blog. Its also his perogative to block people from commenting who have a tendency to contradict his stupid, inane, uninformed and predictable platitudes. Given how often Jack screws up the facts of various issues, its a wonder he has any commentors at all. Not to mention the obnoxious prickishness of his attitude.

But bullies do attend to attract a crowd. I suppose Jack Bog is no exception.

I can't speak for TJ, but I don't use my real full name and information because I've had threaths levied against me and my family in the past. It would be irresponsible of me to continue to write if I thought there was even a hint that someone could possibly do something to my children. I won't give anyone that kind of leverage over me.

That doesn't mean I'm anonymous. Nothing of the sort. It means I choose to keep my real life information confidential. When you read posts or comments by "Carla" who writes at LO/Preemptive Karma, you know who it is being referenced. You don't need my real life information to know who I am in the blogosphere.

Publishing someones real life information on the internet without their expressed consent is an act of of malice that's completely beyond the pale. It potentially puts them in harm's way and it undermines their privacy. In this particular case its done in a concerted effort to silence another person's point of view.

January 2005, I started writing about the gubernatorial election issues happening in Washington State. A big fight was brewing over the outcome and the GOP blogs were salivating. They were also posting things on their blogs that were complete bullshit. So I started making phone calls and fact checking. I wrote up my findings at Preemptive Karma. In addition, I made comments about the inaccuracy of the posts over at one of the main perps, SoundPolitics blog.

Unable to refute what I was saying, the SP purveyors made some not-so-veiled threats about trying to out who I was. But I'm careful not to put my real information out there--so they couldn't. TJ's information is a lot easier to come by. They tried to use his info back then to shut him up. It didn't work then and it won't work now.

In addition, I've noticed the Bog bullies are in a froth over the fact that TJ might use his work computer to comment on blogs. Most workplaces allow employees to take breaks, lunches and to multitask. But then that isn't what this is about. If TJ were to constantly kiss Jack's ass--TJ's use of a work computer wouldn't be an issue.

People should also keep in mind that TJ and I have the ability to manipulate the time stamp on our posts. Just because it says "9AM" on the blog post, doesn't mean it was written at that time. Sometimes we work to spread the post time out to be courteous of one another.

Jack Bogdanski's behavior in this matter is childish and unethical. But given Jack's reaction to being wrong so often--its unlikely that he feels any shame or that his conscience (if it exists) feels remorse. Playground bullies and their clusterfuck gang tend to be that way.