Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Amy of the Oregon GOP tells us that evangelicals heart corruption

A little blurb over the AP wires just caught my eye. The piece is a writeup on Howard Dean's pending appearance at the State Democratic Convention to be held this weekend in Eugene.

The article is mostly about Dean's work getting Democrats to appeal to Christian evangelicals.

In an apparent effort to provide balance to the piece, the AP writer includes a quote from the executive director of the Oregon Republican Party, Amy Langdon:

"I think they'll be hard-pressed to make the case to the faith community that somehow the Democratic Party serves their interests," she said.

I had no idea that going to war on false pretenses, having hundreds of dead Americans and Iraqis and those from other nations, jacked up deficit and national debt and irresponsible tax cuts and corruption were in the "best interest" of evangelicals. I'm so glad Amy set me straight.

Since evangelicals are clearly in favor of these immoral, disgusting activities (And the first person that says "both parties are are guilty of it" gets a smack. Not true) according to Amy Langdon, there's no sense in Democrats going after that vote.

How good of Amy to tar Christians in such a flattering light.