Saturday, May 27, 2006

Get off your ass!

Man oh man I am sick to DEATH of people whining about the choices we have for candidates. It seems like every single cycle there are a group of individuals who sit and spin on their thumbs, opining what they see as a lack of quality people running for office. Its tedious as hell.

A prime example of this unflattering blather appeared in the Letters To The Editor of the Oregon paper of record:

Give voters more choices

If it is true that 62 percent of registered voters in Oregon did not vote in the May 16 primary election, what does this say about voter apathy? Are voters apathetic or simply bored with the choices? Good question.

As a registered Democrat who prefers to vote independent, I believe the problem is one of choice. Two party candidates, only Democrat or only Republican, and possibly an independent, are the only choices. And [in a primary, they are] choices only for those with a party affiliation; independents have no vote.

Whatever happened to the concept of voting for the best person? We could vote for the best person if there were a universal voter ballot. On this ballot would be listed everyone running for office, no matter their party affiliations. Voters, when registering to vote, need only prove their age and citizenship to vote, and not declare a party.

On the universal voter ballot, we could vote for whomever we preferred. The two with the highest amount of votes in the primaries would have a runoff in the final election.

People don't vote because they don't like the choices, even in their own party. Let's give voters all the choices they want and let the best person win.

DAVID EASTMAN Northeast Portland

Jaysus. My kids didn't whine this much when they were toddlers.

If you don't like the choices out there..get off your ass and run for office. Quit pissing and moaning about how the choices are so terrible and actually DO something about it.

Either that or SHUT THE F UP. Its completely tedious to consistently read or hear this BS from people who don't actually do anything about it.