Thursday, May 25, 2006

Oregon Conservatives: murderers have to make a living too!

A footnote in the May 10 online issue of Willamette Week originally slid under my radar but came back like a boomerang while I was doing some research yesterday on Measure #6, the TABOR Spending Trap.

As a reminder, the TABOR bill would link state spending to inflation rates and population growth while ignoring things such as demographics. A similar law in Colorado was recently handed a bipartisan five year suspension by the voters due to its devastating effect on the Colorado State budget.

Measure #6 is sponsored in Oregon by Don McIntire and Jason Williams of Taxpayer Association of Oregon--the duo notorious for foisting a laundry list of frivilous, antigovernment initiatives on the Oregon ballot. According to Our Oregon, 100% of the funding for this measure comes from Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform and Americans for Limited Government. In other words, it has no Oregon support.

Now to the point: McIntire and Williams have hired Good Impressions printing, presumably to print their campaign literature. Good Impressions made headlines in the late 90s when a US District Court in Portland returned a multi-million dollar verdict against its general manager, Andrew Burnett. If you haven't clicked on the website's link I provided above, do it now. Burnett's photo and "general manager" title are in the upper right hand corner of the site's main page.

For those with short memory spans, Burnett's court troubles stemmed from his association with the domestic terrorists of the Nuremburg Files website, who published the names and addresses of doctors who perform abortion services. Four men were murdered and one woman was injured based on information gleaned from the Nuremburg Files.

Ironically, one of Burnett's cohorts, Paul deParrie--died last week of a heart attack. ZEO12 at NW Republican blog eulogized deParrie as "an uncompromising, passionate Christian warrior who combined a powerful faith with a keen intellect and an activist’s heart."

Odd how deParrie's calls for murdering his fellow man are expunged from ZEO12's piece.

As for Burnett--two other ballot measure organizations are using his services too: Measure #14's tax code change (of course sponsored by Loren Parks) and anti-emminent domain Measure #47 (sponsored by Oregonians In Action, natch).