Sunday, May 28, 2006

Spanning the State--Who'll Stop The Rain, Edition

Yes, its Oregon. Yes its Spring. But damn! Ever since I touched down last Sunday from my vacation, its been raining. So with an homage to CCR, lets span the State!


Baker City is attempting a foray into hydroelectric power. Initial studies indicate a green light for the project but US Fish and Wildlife Service may put the brakes on: endangered Bull Trout may keep the licensing process tied up.

There's a new organization in the Bend area that seeks to promote sound land use planning and liveability. Central Oregon Landwatch is a watchdog group that plans to keep a close eye on local development projects in Bend. The goal is to insert more of a community presence in the land use planning process.

If you're hanging out in Lane County, you might want to think about investing in LoJack. The county's car theft rate is far outpacing the state average.

Workers at the Umatilla Chemical Depot destroyed the last of the nation's MK94 bombs containing GB sarin agent on May 18.

Being a dickhead bigot doesn't win you points in Yamhill County court. Hint: Don't refer to your arresting officer as a "nigger" and tell him "I'm no closer to being drunk than you are to being white,". Bad, bad plan.

Biologists and criminalists in Ashland are working together to develop crime scene investigation techniques that work under water. The work is being done in order to report and preserve findings from events such as oil spills, dam bursts or other man-made events that damage coral reefs and other sensitive underwater wildlife areas.

Students at Oregon State have prepared their agenda and are planning to lobby the Oregon Legislature during the next legislative session. They plan to bend ears in Salem on funding/tuition, need based aid and tuition equality.