Tuesday, May 30, 2006

When Ron Saxton runs hard to the middle..the wingers can vote Starrett

Oh my...this could put a hitch in Saxton's giddy-yup:

Former TV host runs for governor

Mary Starrett, who hosted a popular morning talk show on Portland television for more than a decade, is planning to run for governor under the banner of the staunchly conservative Constitution Party.

Starrett, 51, told The Oregonian Tuesday that she will seek the party's nomination when it holds a convention in Lake Oswego on Saturday. Bob Ekstrom, the party chairman, for weeks has hinted that his party will have a stronger-than-usual candidate, but he's refused to say who it is.

If Starrett does indeed receive the nomination, she will become the only firmly anti-abortion candidate in the race. She expressed no concern when asked if her presence in the race would pull votes from Republican Ron Saxton and help re-elect Democratic incumbent Ted Kulongoski.

"Your point being that there is a difference between Ted and Ron - and there isn't," she said. "If the Republicans were doing their job, I wouldn't be doing this."

Damn! Christmas in May.

No difference between Ted and Ron...right. I'm not a huge Ted fan. But no difference at all? Please, Mary. At least don't insult your potential constituency.

I do love the idea of Saxton having to debate her. So much for getting to make a hard run to the middle.