Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Westlund signatures update: Blaszak a go-go!

Following the big press conference today, I took a few minutes to introduce myself to Democracy Resources big cheese Ted Blaszak.

He was flatteringly nice to LO and says he reads us. So he can't be all bad, eh?

I asked Blaszak about Democracy Resources signature gathering efforts for Indy Goob Candidate Ben Westlund. We've been tracking Westlund's progess on signatures to get on the ballot. Its looked to us like he was having trouble gathering the necessary number in time.

Blaszak assured me that this wasn't the case. He stated that most of their workers are out with ballot initiative petitions. Once the deadline for initiative petitions passes, Blaszak assured me their whole staff would be moved to the Westlund petition. He indicated that they'd have the required signatures in "about a week".

He also said that those of us who are hand wringing over this probably don't know much about how the signature gathering thing works.

So I guess its time for me to sit my ignorant ass down and watch the thing unfold.

Update: (5:45PM)Just watched my Ti-Vo'd Melica Johnson version of the press conference on KATU. It was a very good story. My only complaint was that she didn't get the Meek angle completely correct. The way the clip plays, it looks like Meek is saying that the M26 petitioners are against his ballot initiatives. Meek is talking about Our Oregon when he makes those allegations. But in the end that may end up making Meek look nuttier--because there isn't evidence that the M26 petitioners give a rip about Meek's stuff one way or the other. Will update on Donahue at KOIN when I view it.