Friday, July 14, 2006

Democrats actually outline a unified PROGRESSIVE agenda

While the national Democrats continue to futz around with BS that they have no business supporting, the Oregon Legislative Dems appear to have come together to craft a unified agenda. What's more--its actually progressive.

The Oregon House and Senate Dems seem to have worked (at least in part) jointly in order to craft a related agenda.

The Senate has outlined four basic goals:

*Strong Schools for Our Children
*Affordable Health Care for Our Families
*Economic Fairness and Security for Our Workers
*Safe Neighborhoods and Secure Communities for All

The implementation plan for the goals is here (warning: PDF).

The House side is put together in a less global manner but includes most of the same basic goals. You can read it here.

This is an excellent starting off point for a solid, progressive legislative agenda that will benefit all Oregonians. I love that they're not shying away from the kind of values that our state is known for as well: excellent schools, economic fairness and justice, strong law enforcement and governmental accountability.

This kind of agenda, especially the presentation--should be a lesson to the national Democrats who are often much too willing to abandon progressive principles to curry favor with so called "centrists". Present a strong lineup of ideas that adhere to our values and you'll win over the constituency. We want leadership. Not some wishy-washy, spineless pap.

Kudos to the Oregon Dems.