Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Walden gets nipped by Josh Marshall/TPM

In a bit of small potatoes gotcha-type stuff, Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo catches the Congressman from OR-2 in a gaffe:

Hey did you know contributions to political campaign's are now tax deductible?

Me neither. But on his campaign website, Rep. Greg Walden (R) of Oregon says contributions to his campaign are tax deductible.

Here's Josh's snapshot of Walden's site:

Josh later makes a minor correction, noting that Oregon has a $50 tax credit for campaign donations.

Which technically isn't the same as a tax deduction.

A stupid but minor gaffe on the part of Walden's people, to be sure. But instead of making the small correction to make themselves technically correct, Walden's team has removed all references to the tax stuff in his donation box.

Which makes them look more guilty of misleading than they really are, in my view.

[Thanks to Bill Nothstine for the tip]