Sunday, July 09, 2006

LO Makes The O--Published Commentary Tomorrow

If you're a regular reader, what I'm offering you now is old news: Gordon Smith, Ignoregonian, appeared on June 28th at Loaded Orygun. Spurred by positive comment and good advice, that piece has been edited and sharpened, and is scheduled to appear tomorrow in the Op-Ed section as a guest commentary. I cannot say enough nice things about the Commentary Editor; we've been treated quite well and given fair latitude to promulgate our thesis to a wide audience. I say fair latitude, because our thesis happens to be criticizing the Oregonian for being asleep at the switch when paying attention to what Gordon Smith (and all of our representatives) are specifically up to. We include the entire state media, but face it, The O is the paper of record.

So if you saw it the first time, it's a little better written but essentially the same. You can say "I read it when." If you missed it, give a check to the back pages tomorrow, then you can come back and comment in this thread.

Yay us!

Update, 7AM--
Good morning! Here's the link to the published piece...

Update, 11AM--
The folks at Blue Oregon were kind enough to link to the op-ed, and also back to us. More importantly, they've organized their virtual "clip file" into a stunning array of articles on Smith's doings. SOMEBODY has been paying attention, at least!