Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pryz Saves Blazer Bacon, Gives Bojack the Finger

OK, maybe this is a little silly and petty, but I find the irony too thick to let go. About the only thing that Jack Bog doesn't bitch about at his site when it comes to Portland, is his love for the Blazers. Even then, to Bogdanski most of the current actors involved with the team are ALSO what's wrong with the City. But it's clear Jack's a fan, and wants them to succeed.

So he must have been happy to learn that developing center Joel Przybilla turned down offers from the Spurs and Pistons--two teams with very recent NBA trophies at home--in order to stay with the (once again) totally revamped Blazers. No one believed it possible, that a player would turn down the opportunity to leave a dysfunctional franchise and hook up with a definite title contender, but that's exactly what he did (albeit for the best contract figure). What caught my eye was the statement from his agent as to WHY he's staying:
[Agent Bill] Duffy said Przybilla's decision came down to loyalty, Przybilla's love of the Portland area and the encouraging direction of the franchise. "He and his wife absolutely love Portland, the community, the people, the lifestyle," Duffy said.
Is Joel Przybilla...a STENNIE? Next thing you know, he'll be volunteering to serve as the tram tower if they run out of money to finish the current one.

People who have lived elsewhere, get it. Whatever issues Portland may have, it's got much of the rest of the country comparatively beaten like a drum. Welcome to your home for the next five years, Joel. You just made yourself the most popular Blazer in the City. Maybe some of that vibe will rub off on the crankier, more dyspeptic citizens.