Monday, July 03, 2006

Spreading the Orygun Gospel, Radio Style

If you caught Carla and I on Goldy's KIRO Seattle radio show last night, thanks for listening. We talked the entire third hour about initiative fraud and the insanity of the TAB--OR petition. (I split the acronym up, because who pays the tab? OR does!) If you missed it, I've stored the (8.4MB) file over at Also Also for your convenient download {wma file}.

Goldy wanted to talk about Measure 37, because Washington is confronting something similar, but we didn't get the chance. Hopefully we'll be back on soon to lend some friendly advice to our northerly neighbors on that one, too.

If you haven't checked out Goldy's show, you can stream it Sundays from 7-10pm. And be sure to check out Horse's Ass, the most popular liberal blog in that state.

And, uh, we're willing to do guest gigs on this side of the Columbia as well, hint hint....