Friday, June 30, 2006

Don McIntire sends sig gatherers to my house to lie to me

Last evening while I'm out on my back deck grilling up some truely delicious steaks and corn on the cob, a young woman knocks at my door wanting to speak with me.

She's carrying a clipboard with petition sheets. She's also rather pretty and dressed casually--just revealing enough to not be slutty.

The young woman then asks me if I'd be willing to sign her petitions to create term limits in Oregon and to create a rainy day fund.

Rainy day fund?

She assures me that in fact the one petition creates a rainy day fund in Oregon so that when the state budget becomes too tight--this new initiative will create a fund for the legislature to use.

I asked to see the petition.

Sure enough, she's carrying the TABOR petition.

I asked her where she learned that this initiative would create a rainy day fund. She tells me that its from Don McIntire and its on his website if I'd like to check it out.

I assured her that I'd seen it and that I'd read the text of the initiative in its entirety. I also explained to her that McIntire had been forced to tell the Oregonian that his initiative doesn't create a rainy day fund. He's been lying to her..and getting her to lie for him in order to get signatures.

Or as we've stated here at LO: Don McIntire is a lying asshole.

Her sig gathering partner then joined us and we essentially had the same conversation.

I asked them if they live in Oregon. They affirmed this to be the case. I asked them to please go home and read the text of the initiative and look for the words "rainy day fund". I assured them they wouldn't find it.

And then I gave them information I have here at my house on TABOR and its effect on state budgets.

I doubt anything I've done here changed much. Those two are just a couple of folks trying to earn some money.

McIntire is manipulating them and the initiative system to lie to Oregonians. They're just pawns in his game.