Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Don McIntire admits he is a lying asshole

A little over two weeks ago, Our Oregon filed an election law complaint against the Taxpayer Association of Oregon (TAO) and their TABOR ballot initiative. The complaint makes the case that TAO states their initiative creates a "rainy day fund" for the state.

Don McIntire runs TAO along with Jason Williams. On the TAO website, there's a link asking people to sign the TABOR petition. That link specifically states that the initiative is to create a "rainy day fund".

I checked out the full text of the initiative. The only mention of a rainy day fund is within the context of tabulating the appropriations for the biennium. There is no place in the initiative that requires, suggests or demands that a rainy day fund be set aside under this proposed Constitutional change.

But McIntire already knows this. As a matter of fact, he specifically says so:

"The measure doesn't command that a rainy-day fund be created, but we know that is exactly what will happen," he (McIntire) said. "They will not send it back to taxpayers, not all of it. It doesn't matter what you call it, that's what it does."


This guy has written a measure that could AMEND THE STATE CONSTITUTION, and he doesn't think it matters what verbage you use, especially when you make unclear inferences?

If the state isn't commanded to create a rainy day fund, its not likely to happen. Republicans in Salem are notorious for demanding more tax cuts and kickers back to the tax payers. McIntire has to know this. He's not exactly a neophyte to the system.

McIntire freely admits that Our Oregon's complaint is not only valid and legitimate, but that he and his partner are lying assholes for trying to trick the public into backing a nonexistant rainy day fund law.