Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Three Blind Mice debate...kind of.

See Oregon's own Three Blind Mice run for Governor here on KGW tv.

It wasn't really so much a debate as it was a reinforcement of tired, old, GOP rhetoric: cut taxes, cut spending.

I'd love it if someone would ask these clowns how much the state budget should be, exactly? Its all well and good to claim that we need spending cuts. It plays nicely to the base, I'm sure. But the vagaries when it comes to the actual numbers seem to be never quite sorted out.

And its not tax cuts we need..but tax restructuring. These three seem completely oblivious to the fact that corporations are getting off scot free when it comes to paying taxes in Oregon, leaving the burden to individuals--most noteably the lower and middle class.

The Three Blind Mice can't see the problems in Oregon's tax structure--so quite clearly they can't offer any solutions.

KGW should have just aired a rerun of ER. It would have been a lot more entertaining and informative than this rerun the GOP goobernatorial candidates moldy rhetoric.