Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spanning the State: Get your karma on

If you're looking for ways to get your comeuppance, today's Spanning the State has a few ideas to help you get your fill:

Eagle Point resident James Watson will be serving two months in jail for ripping off his grandma. Watson,20, pleaded guilty on Friday to stealing $69,000 from his 87 year old grandmother's bank account.

Now that Measure 37 is confirmed law, the next governor had better acquire himself a big bottle of Excedrin. He's gonna need it.

The three blind mice get a well deserved mediocre writeup in the Statesman-Journal. The "cut taxes, cut spending, screw land use regulation" theme is less than brilliant.

I'm wondering how long it will take for Newberg residents to realize that Big Brother is a double edged sword. Allowing the police to track cell phone call locations is great for helping get aide to a stranded motorist or an accident. But that kind of technology can be easily abused.

For the male serial cheaters among us: You might want to make sure your girlfriend isn't a complete and total whackjob before screwing around on her.

The folks running things over at Mt. Bachelor resort are working to lure more guests by offering them $50 gas card with every two night stay. You might be able to come out ahead on that deal if you drive an Insight.

Speaking of gas, KEZI TV from Eugene provides internets links to finding the lowest gas prices. The cheapest gas around here looks to be at Costco in Hillsboro: $2.59 a gallon. If you want to drive out to Irrigon, you can pay $2.49 a gallon at the Shell station on West Hwy 730.

And in the "building up so much good karma that he deserves a medal" category sits TrailBlazer coach Nate McMillan. He's been one of the few sane things in that high profile, big money kindergarten. Hopefully a new owner and the purging of the Miles/Randolph mess will generate the wins and success that McMillan richly deserves.