Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mannix milk money magnate--WW's cover boy

I wish I could say that after having read WW's front page piece on Mannix milk money magnate Loren Parks, my opinion of Parks has changed drastically.

Carlton Smith, the author of the piece says that those who think Parks is a "weirdo" are wrong. I guess that all depends on your definition of "weirdo". But Smith's piece does little to disabuse readers from the fact that Parks comes across as eccentric and twisted. He also comes across as a sucker for immoral conservatives who seek to prey on Parks' weakness for promised "less government".

I was slightly surprised to learn that Parks had given generously to Compassion in Dying, the group that worked on the assisted suicide law here in Oregon. But only slightly. Given Parks' hardcore anti-government stance it only seems logical. But the money he's given to folks like Mannix dwarf those other donations--which contributes to the perception of Parks' weirdness, given Mannix's extensive support of larger government--especially in terms of doctor assisted suicide. Mannix is hardly a small government man and he's actively worked to get government to prohibit assisted suicide.

If that's not manipulating Parks, then its doing a fantastic imitation of it.