Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jason Atkinson's new Sugar Daddy part 2: Homophobe edition

Atkinson's new $50,000 man is a raging homophobe:

Voting for hate crimes legislation in the State of Texas will get you a James Leininger funded mailing against you that looks like this. I wonder how the Atkinson campaign feels about being associated with such a disgusting pig?

That mailing is attacking Bill Ratliff, who is one of the most respected moderate Republicans in Texas.

Voting for hate crimes legislation to protect and give recourse to gays and lesbians is for Atkinson's Sugar Daddy a horrible thing to do..because it promotes the "gay agenda" of equal rights.

Update(11:53): I've posted a blog query about this issue over at the Unofficial Atkinson for Governor blog. If they allow it to stay up (which I'm skeptical about--but would love to be proved wrong), I'll report on any replies.