Sunday, April 16, 2006

Spanning the State: Hard boiled Easter edition

Why did the Oregon State Police have only one trooper available for a six county area last Wednesday?

Not everyone sees the immigration issue as a "kick them out and build a wall", thankfully. There are actually people writing thoughtful and interesting commentary on the topic.

The Oregonian lays waste to Jack Bogdanski's "Sten-did-nothing-about-homelessness" tripe and demonstrates that they have no scruples when it comes to getting dirty money out of politics--all in one giant mess of an editorial. Perhaps the Oregonian is so against Voter Owned Elections because they won't be getting as much ad revenue from the filthy money associated with big dollar campaign donors.

Sustainability is actually controversial in Corvallis. At least for some.

Ironic that Libertarian Tom Cox is running for Metro on the basis that the government hasn't done enough to develop roads and infrastructure in Washington County. A "more government" Libertarian?

Eastern Oregon University in LaGrande has passed a no confidence vote against University President Khosrow Fatemi.

Its a buyer's real estate market in Medford and a seller's market in Bend.