Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Deliver me from the "no government" agenda

I've talked about my libertarian streak. I think there's a valid argument to be made for government remaining out of the lives of individual citizens.

But when I read columns like this, it makes me grind my teeth:

Rob Pochert is in a better position than almost anyone to shape Beaverton's downtown of tomorrow.

That worries Richard Burke.

Pochert is from the government, and he is here to help. Burke is a Libertarian, and he is not convinced he needs any help.

The rest of the piece is about how the City of Beaverton should engage its residents in the decision making process as it prepares to move from a suburban to an urban geography. I don't disagree with that premise.

What sets me on edge is this push that "all government is bad and intrusive". That what the opening of this piece attempts to establish.

Government has a fundamental and necessary role. The Libertarian Party seeks to pare back that role to the minimum--if not eliminate it.

How can the Libertarian Party of Oregon expect people to elect them to govern..when they don't believe in governing?