Saturday, April 15, 2006

Wine me, dine me, tell me I'm a liberal

Last night I took off my anonymous blogger suit (I did wear a clean pair of jeans and a black turtleneck, for those looking to dish on my lack of fashion sense) for awhile and attended a very nice shindig for Jeff Cogen, who is running for Multnomah County Commissioner.

The event was a house party style fundraiser. I didn't attend because I plan to vote for Jeff (disclaimer: I can't. I don't live in Multnomah County). I went because Bryan Harding Boyd formerly of Gay Rights Watch and presently of Basic Rights Oregon invited me.

Bryan has been a good friend to Preemptive Karma, the other place where you can read my musings.

After knocking back a few very yummy cosmopolitans, I had a chance to work the room and chat with a fascinating collection of locals who'd shown up to support Jeff. Being an avid people person, I was tickled to have the chance to meet some new folks.

But the best part of the entire night was knowing that no matter who wins this Multnomah County Commissioner seat, the county will be well served.

The Portland area is a uniquely liberal place. I love that people can lose races because they "aren't liberal enough".

Music to my ears.