Thursday, April 13, 2006

Candidates hit the airwaves: thank God for Ti-Vo

Candidates for various public offices in Oregon are beginning their onslaught of television commercials....thus starting the months long annoyance of stupid ads and irritating voice overs.

The O has the lowlights from the candidates for goobernor. The most lame so far seems to be Mannix..who claims we're losing a "battle with Seattle".

Ugh. Why is it necessary for Republicans to consistently find ways to divide people?

For me though..the worst ads to date are coming from the Grande Rhonde Tribe against Mannix and Kulongoski for their alleged support of non-tribal casinos.

The ads flash images of pristine forest lands and sparkling waters..inscinuating that Oregon doesn't need another casino because it would spoil the landscape. Of course for the Grande Rhonde Tribe it has nothing to do with the deflowering of lands and everything to do with cutting into their casino bottom line.

I might actually have respect for the Tribe if they'd have just been honest in their ads: we don't want a new casino closer to Portland because it would cut into our revenue in a big way. We're finally on our feet after decades of living in poverty. We'd really like to stay that way.

Instead they air this cynical piece of garbage.

Which is why I've started Ti-Vo-ing what I watch and skip over all this crap.