Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Foxworth saga...frivilous lawsuit by whacko woman?

The local media seem to be enjoying their feeding frenzy on the Foxworth story. Its inescapable on the TV and in the paper. But I'm having a little trouble finding sympathy for the plaintiff.

I've watched the TV news stories and read through the newspaper articles and I'm honestly a little puzzled as to why this is worth so many column inches/air time.

I get that there's illicit sex. Foxworth seems to dig writing porn. But Angela Oswalt, porn recipient in question, didn't seem to be objecting to the stuff Foxworth was writing to her. Even after Oswalt's attorney claims she broke off the relationship and Foxworth was still writing porn to her..there's no evidence that she objected or asked him to stop. At least not in this filing.

I can think of no reason to make this stuff public unless Oswalt and her attorney are trying to lay waste to Foxworth on a personal level. This seems to go way beyond the job for Oswalt. It appears she wants to utterly ruin Foxworth.

Last night, Oswalt's attorney filed a new claim(PDF) with the city citing abuse of power by Foxworth. Having read through it, I've decided that Oswalt needs to get a better attorney who can file complaints that don't come across as whiny, crybaby BS...or find actual evidence of wrongdoing by Foxworth before filing.

The focus of the additional claim is on the pornography aspect, despite Calzaretta (Oswalt's attorney) stating: This case is not about sex it is about abuse of power. For an "abuse of power" claim...there sure aren't many references to abuse of power and there are a helluva lot of references to Foxworth writing "disgusting" and "pornographic" things to Oswalt.

The only area where I see a potential problem for Foxworth are his discussions with Oswalt about union negotiations. But even with those, I don't see an "abuse of power" on the part of Foxworth. He doesn't seem to be trying to force Oswalt into doing something or saying something on the basis of their relationship. He appears to be unloading his thoughts..and Oswalt is the recipient. If anything, the communications Foxworth and Oswalt had here appears to hurt the negotiations in Oswalt's favor. She's getting the inside scoop as to the city's strategy in dealing with the union.

And then there's the following, which makes absolutely no sense to me:

The harassment of the claimant however did not end. The claimant wrote
emails to Foxworth which involved an attempt to be on a friendly basis with him and
on many occasions during telephone calls claimant asked Foxworth to help her with
the interrogation type questioning she was receiving regarding their relationship. He
provided no help. After he was appointed Chief of Police Foxworth refused to assist
her in any way. Her depression increased. She tried to maintain some type of cordial
commutucation with him in hopes that at some point he would use his powers as
Chief of Police to put a stop to the treatment. He did not.

1. Oswalt says Foxworth is harassing her.
2. Oswalt writes emails and has phone chats with Foxworth trying to make nice.
3. Oswalt asks Foxworth to help her with the questioning she was getting about their relationship from others, because he'd asked her to keep quiet about it.
4. Foxworth refuses.
5. Foxworth becomes Chief and refuses to assist Oswalt in any way.
6. Oswalt goes into deeper depression--indicating that she was already in a depression and this is the first we've heard of it?
7. Oswalt wants Foxworth to use his position to put a stop to others questioning her (I guess), and Foxworth refuses.

I'm not seeing where Foxworth abused his power here. In fact he specifically refuses to aid Oswalt based on their relationship..which seems like the opposite to me.

The claim goes on to say that Oswalt was depressed due to "harassment" from others questioning her about the relationship. Foxworth apparently hooked Oswalt up with someone she could talk to, in an effort to help her. But she became more depressed.

So she filed a claim because she's still depressed.

This looks like revenge on her part..and not a seeking of justice.