Friday, April 21, 2006

I clearly don't read the Portland Mercury enough

My hip/cool quotient skyrocketed today when I clicked the mouse over to The Merc.

I'm not up on all the local scuttle..mostly because I have a life and I don't care. But I'm told that Willamette Week and the Merc have a feud going. It sort of reminds of a cockfight..and I don't mean the one with chickens.

I read Willamette Week on a regular basis. Their stuff tends to be well written and generally interesting. I haven't read The Merc all that much. My weekly stack of stuff I feel like I need to wade through is already somewhat overwhelming. But given the fact that I can find out that the FBI would confiscate the porn tapes I made when I was under 18 (if I actually had any) and I can read stupid celebrity meaningless bullshit.

The Merc stuff is well written and dammit...I tried not to be entertained but I just couldn't help myself.