Monday, April 24, 2006

Considering Westlund

Over at Blue Oregon, Russ Sadler has a rather glowing manifesto for Ben Westlund.

I commented on Russ' post that I believe Westlund's support is a mile wide and an inch deep. He seems to be garnering support not so much for his ideas but because he decided to become an "Independent". If he had stayed with the GOP, it seems to me like much of his current support would be nonexistent.

In other words, Westlund seems to be getting support not because he's changed his belief system away from being a Republican, but because he's decided that he couldn't get what he wanted from their leadership and grass roots so he's doing an end run around them.

I don't want a Republican to be Governor of Oregon..whether it be in "Independent" clothing or not. I want a progressive governor who will work with other progressives in Salem to do work for Oregonians in line with progressive values.

I'm not seeing that from Westlund.

I refuse to vote for someone just because they tried to change their stripes to appease those who feel disaffected by the two party system. That seems no better to me than voting for someone just because they carry the mantle of one party or the other.