Sunday, April 23, 2006

Oregon Garden: Earth Day spiffy

I was down at the Oregon Garden for most of yesterday doing all sorts of cool Earth Day type stuff. The Garden has been getting a good spiffy-ing up and I managed to get a few photos of some of the spring flora and fauna:

The camelias were especially lovely. I don't normally have a fondness for these plants because they make a hellacious mess. But these were truely beautiful.

One of Kevin at PK's favorite trees is the Monkey Puzzle. They have a nice specimen at the Garden:

There was also a nice specimen of semi-deciduous clematis. I didn't know there was such a thing as "semi-deciduous". I may need to look for these, although I already grow clematis out the wazoo:

There's a good sized kitchen garden off to one side that has several raised beds and some plantings that they've just got going..mostly peas. But they did have some nice looking chives that appeared to have wintered over:

And then on the way out, I noticed this colorful bed..apparently set up to attract birds: