Sunday, July 02, 2006

Spanning the State: TJ and Carla on Seattle radio edition

TJ and myself will be on David Goldstein's radio show live around 9PM this evening. David is on KIRO Newsradio 710 in Seattle. You can stream the show via the internets. I'll be the one not talking very much because shit like this makes me NERVOUS. But tune in and listen to David and TJ. :)

And now with that out of the way, let's span the state! ::::::::::::::::GONG::::::::::::::::

Oregon State University is conducting a research project east of the Cascades on the effects of juniper trees in high desert regions. According to east side conventional wisdom, junipers are major water suckers. The study will compare two 300 acre parcels. One parcel is thick with junipers. The other is described as "Acres of trees are cut, lying on the ground with their drying needles turning brown". The study will investigate how the juniper removal changes the watersheds in the regions. No word yet on whether the research will be surpressed if it doesn't meet up with timber company standards.

The Tram has its very own myspace. Seriously.

Why sprawl sucks.

Another abuse of the recall system is going down in Ashland.

The Central Oregon Visitors Association is attempting to draw dough laden Californians to spend their vacation dollars sunning themselves at Black Butte and Sunriver with a swanky new ad campaign.

A little civic virtue goes a long way in Ontario.

The Cowboy Breakfast at the Elkhorn Grange in Haines sounds like a slice of heaven.

Say what you will about Ted. But he has admirably attended the funerals of every single soldier from Oregon killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. This week he was compelled to attend two.