Tuesday, July 04, 2006

TABOR spending trap liar Don McIntire outed as lying asshole in MSM

(Better late than never):

Representation of spending cap initiative criticized

By Melica Johnson
and KATU.com Web Staff

PORTLAND - With the deadline to turn in signed signature sheets set for this Friday, some say one campaign of a proposed state Constitutional amendment is misleading voters by calling a state spending limit a "rainy-day amendment".

Voter Rich Layton initially signed the so-called "rainy-day petition" until he took a closer look at the fine print and saw that what he signed was to put in place a state spending limit, which is something he is strongly against.

"If you're representing this as a rainy-day initiative, I'm not sure that's honest and aboveboard," he said. "So, I scratched my name off."

Don McIntire, the chief petitioner of the initiative to cap state spending, says there is nothing wrong with calling it a "rainy-day amendment."

"Ours is a political statement, and it's accurate," he said.

Nowhere in the initiative does it direct the state to create a rainy-day fund, but what it does spell out is a spending limit tied to population and inflation.

"The other side doesn't like us calling it the rainy-day amendment because they know that voters see the wisdom in that approach," McIntire said.

He argues that the creation of a rainy-day fund is implicit since any extra money lawmakers received would most likely be put into a rainy-day fund.

"Most likely"? Bullshit. Most likely, lying assholes like McIntire will work to pad the kicker checks with that money.

I've personally challenged three of McIntire's signature gatherers on this vernacular when they approached me. All three were unable to tell me why it was being called a "rainy day fund" other than that's what McIntire directed them to say.

Nice work here by Melica Johnson and the staff at KATU. The video for this story can be found here.