Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Portland's own human hangers

I like a pretty dress as much as the next girly-girl. I'd like it even more if when we internet shop for them, we could see models who didn't look like they're living skeletons.

This is from Le Train Bleu, which according to The Merc's blog is on NW Overton.

According to Le Train Bleu's webpage, their models come from Mackenzie and Rashelle at Q6. I have no idea where that agency is located.

I don't get what's so sexy and beautiful about a woman who looks like she's starved herself to fit into a dress. No tits. No ass. Just skin and bones.

It's creepy to me. And it makes me want to find a shop some place else. Some place where real women can buy clothes. "Real" meaning women who aren't afraid to ingest something besides Tic Tacs and bottled water.