Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Living vicariously through the I-5 catfight

Driving the Interstate 5 stretch from Portland to Salem sucks. Constant backups, too many big semi trucks and what seems like constant accidents make traveling a mess. And then there are the idiotic drivers who either go 45 in the fast lane or dart from lane to lane cutting people off and screwing everything up.

It can really piss me off to have to drive that length of freeway.

But so far I've been able to restrain from taking things to this level, however:

Two women got into a brawl in a parking lot after a road rage incident escalated in the Woodburn area, police said Thursday.

The two women were driving southbound on Interstate-5 in separate vehicles when one of them cut the other off, and that’s what sparked the road rage, according to officer Peter Lichte with the Woodburn Police Department.

Lichte said it all started near the Aurora exit of I-5 and after some tension on the road, Jennifer Yacas, 18, of Corvallis and Patricia Hernandez, 26, of Beaverton pulled over in the Methodist Church parking lot, where fists started flying.