Sunday, July 16, 2006

Spanning the State--RIP Red edition

The city of Scio is mourning the loss of their famous town mascot, Big Red the Rooster.

Big Red's life and demise have garnered national media attention. Politicians around the state are likely coveting that kind of exposure--sans the dog mauling, of course.

So with a hearty bon voyage to Scio's feathered friend, its time to Span the State!


The City of Gladstone is in a long term relationship with its mayor. For the past 27 years Wade Byers has been at the top of the food chain of city politics, with only three of his seven terms being challenged during an election year. But this cycle Byers' job is being sought by Planning Commission member Lendon Nelson. And Nelson is apparently making a race of it.

In yet another magnificently inane abuse of the recall system,Hermiston's Margaret Schoen is trying to get rid of the town sherrif. Despite the claim on her petition, Schoen admits that the sherrif isn't guilty of malfeasance. Too bad the Hermiston Herald doesn't have a Rogue of the Week column. Schoen deserves that kind of attention.

In a commentary at The Bend Soure Weekly, sexagenarian H Bruce Miller imparts some pearls to us younguns about life-courtesy of some oft quoted, wiser souls.

Two women in Ashland embody the entrepreneurial spirit by filling a niche for parents and children in their community.

Airstreamers around the globe have a former Baker City man to thank for the objection of their devotion.

Senator Ron Wyden visits red Oregon and works to soothe the savage beasts.

How many towns in the US have a cattle drive down their main thoroughfare? At least two in our state--Prineville and John Day.