Friday, July 21, 2006

Tim Trickey getting tricky with subcontractors?

As noted earlier today, Sleazy Sizemore has another of his initiatives on the ballot for the Fall.

In all the brouhaha surrounding the initiative making it to the ballot, I erred in not reading things more closely.

Sizemore used Tim Trickey's Democracy Direct to gather up his signatures. DD in turn subcontracted out the work to other companies--turning the signature gathering process into a messy maze of almost-impossible-to-follow events. No doubt this was done deliberately to thwart Measure 26, including an especially slimy pay-by-the-signature scheme with homeless people in Portland.

A close look at the contract reveals a clause that appears to allow DD to worm out of paying the subcontractors:

Section1.2: The validity rate of the aggregate of signatures turned in to DDI by (name withheld) must not fall below 70%.

IP 14 achieved a 65.9% validity rate.

Sizemore's other initiative that's made the fall ballot is IP23, which 66.3% signature validity rate.

It looks to me like Trickey gets to keep his money..and a bunch of subcontractors who were probably violating Measure 26 aren't going to get paid.