Thursday, August 03, 2006

So is she paying it back or what?

What an IDIOT:

"I am a person in poverty with a disability. Until now, I have managed to support myself and my family. Thanks to the methods of yellow journalism employed in this city (which have even been recently referenced by our Mayor ) I am now also unemployable. I want to thank the efforts of good Christians in this city who have assisted me in being housed and fed through this tumultous time of termoil. The body of Christ at large, whether Methodist or Baptist or Assembly of God is truly a gift that all citizens should explore.

The issue has never been will I repay the citizens of Portland....the issue has been how damaging the work of the local media has been to allow continued income to be able to pay the City back. Should the City choose to continue leaking information and keeping this issue in the press it will only defeat their purpose. Eventually it will result in the citizens of Portland paying for my upkeep through the homeless shelter system adding to the burden of the citizens rather than allowing this issue to be resolved".

She's UNEMPLOYABLE?? We're finding this out AFTER the election? Doesn't she think that she might have mentioned that before she tried to rip off the City of Portland and totally screw Voter Owned Elections?

And now she has the audacity to threaten the City because she tried to bilk the system?

I wonder if her "good Christian" assistants are peeved at how she besmirches them with her actions. It would sure peeve me.