Monday, July 31, 2006

In which we call bullshit (again) on Ron Saxton's ads.

Vote for Ron Saxton cuz....he thinks you're stupid.

If his campaign were telling the truth, that's exactly what their slogan would be.

Prominently displayed on the left sidebar of GOP goobernatorial candidate Ron Saxton's website is a link to his TV ad called "Money's Worth". Last April we here at LO outed that ad as a lie:

Saxton lies (right into the camera) and claims that it's all about managing the tax dollars. Not only does Grading the States beat up on our tax structure, it actually gives Oregon a reasonably good write up on how the money is being managed.

Ron Saxton: proving that Karen Minnis isn't the exception.

Saxton's new radio ad isn't much better than his TV spot.

The new ad called "Fires" bellyaches about Kulongoski not supporting federal legislation that allows for the removal of dead and dying trees.

The only forest legislation I know of which touches on the issue of harvesting dead and dying trees is the "Healthy Forest Initiative" which Kulongski has in fact supported.

Saxton also accuses Kulongoski of being in opposition to "sound forest management". In Republicanspeak, that means opposition to logging in roadless areas and in old growth forests.

Or perhaps Saxton means something which case he should consider using language that isn't vague and doesn't talk down to his potential constituency.

Update (11:30): The Oregonian isn't impressed with Saxton's radio ad either.