Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Initiative breaking news: IP122 to make ballot

The petition initiative to ballot measure announcements continued yesterday with the Secretary of State's office disclosure of IPs 51 and 57 qualifying for the ballot.

51 is the one that would require the parents of pregnant 15-17 year olds be notified if their daughter is having an abortion, but no other medical procedure. 57 would limit the government eminent domain powers and is heavily funded by one of LO's favorite punt tees, Love God Loren Parks.

And finally in a bit of good initiative news (for a change), it appears that IP122 has made the ballot as well. IP122 would expand a state prescription drug discount program to all Oregonians.

Jeff Alworth over at Blue Oregon has the inside skinny on other initiative goings on--so there's no need to list it here.

However it is noteworthy that IP6 (TABOR) and IP39 (Term limits) may be in hot water over sloppy petition gathering has caused 15,000 signatures to be DQ'd. Not that this will keep them off the ballot, unfortunately. But it does seem that IP6 and IP 39 are deserving of further scrutiny. Especially when it comes to who is funding them and how they managed the petitions.

Over at KATU, Melica Johnson opens up a can of whoop ass on both the term limits and TABOR initiatives. Johnson discovered that both are almost exclusively funded by out of state interests. Most noteably, Johnson pointed to Howard Rich of Americans for Limited Government. Becky at Preemptive Karma has been going to town on Rich in several posts which you can read here,here and here. Rich's organization is also bragging about the fact that they're the ones backing these initiatives--noting that they've done it all over the country.

Becky also made mention of the fact that TABOR and TERM limits have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars while Sizemore reported vastly smaller spending. Becky (and I) are asking, has Sizemore found a way again to funnel money into campaigns without reporting it? Its not like he isn't experienced at doing that.