Monday, July 24, 2006

Westlund signature update

The Westlund campaign is reporting that they've eclipsed the 36,000 signature mark.

With a few weeks to go before signatures are to be turned in, its looking more and more to me like Westlund makes the ballot. From their press release:

Westlund Campaign Submits First Batch of Signatures to Counties
Over 36,000 Oregonians Support Westlund’s Campaign to Get on the Ballot

Bend, OR- (July 24, 2006) Senator Ben Westlund’s quest to qualify for the fall ballot as an Independent candidate for Governor reaches a major milestone this week as the campaign begins submitting signatures to county clerks for signature verification. The campaign has already gathered over 36,000 signatures statewide and needs to submit 18,368 valid signatures to the Secretary of State by August 29 to qualify for a spot on the November ballot.

[I've adjusted this post because the link I thought I could use was in fact not useable. My bad. Sorry to those of you were frustrated]