Sunday, July 23, 2006

Money magazine hearts Washington County

Beaverton sometimes takes a hit from the urban hip funky bunch that populates its big brother Portland. But apparently, Portland doesn't have the cachet with Money Magazine that Washington County does:

Three cities in Oregon – including two in the state’s high-tech corridor – were named among the top 100 Best Places to Live Thursday by Money Magazine.

Orenco Station has helped make Hillsboro one of Money Magazine's Best places to live.
Hillsboro, home to Intel Corp., TriQuint and other NASDAQ companies, ranked highest at number 63. It was followed by Beaverton (#79) and Bend, at 86th place.

All three cities showed double-digit gains in home prices during 2004-2005, and job growth increases ranging from 8.1 percent in Beaverton to 20.5 percent in Hillsboro over the past five years.

Suck on that, PDXers.