Sunday, July 23, 2006

Spanning the State: Still too damn hot edition

The front page of the Sunday Oregonian says we're supposed to reach a high of 96 degrees today. According to the digital weather station that sits on my kitchen counter, its 95.9 degrees right now and its barely 11AM. I think the O may have been a bit optimistic.

So today I'll be staying inside my house, turning on the A/C and watching old movies. But before I go crank on the DVD player...let's span the state!


Today's O has a fascinating peek into an archaeological dig taking place in the Redmond area. A group from the University of Oregon along with some members of native tribes, are studying lava tube caves on the south side of Redmond. The group appears to have found evidence of people living in the area as far back as 6000 years ago.

The town of Ashland has an excellent Little League program. And right now, they're playing in the Oregon state baseball tournament taking place in Ashland. But the 11-12 year old team has a unique all star: a girl. And it turns out she's a better player than a lot of the boys.

Small town political upheaval is causing headaches for Burns. First, the city manager resigns under a cloud of controversy. Now they've lost the interim manager and have to rush to find a long term replacement. In addition, two city councilers have resigned.

The OLCC's Canby dragnet yields citations against three of 13 area businesses for selling alcohol to minors.

Bend's Drake Park is suffering from an abundance of goose poop. So much so that they're attempting to move the geese to other areas. Unfortunately its being met with only minor success. As a part of LO's service to greater Oregon, I'll be sending the City of Bend this article on how Seattle is faring against its own battle with a goose poop problem.

You couldn't pay me to live in Hermiston. And if I did happen to have a residence in that area, I'd probably have to scream at that woman.

The Corvallis Gazette has a good writeup on key Oregon House races. However I think the hopes of the GOP in Washington County are going to be soundly dashed. Its shading bluer out there all the time.