Thursday, July 27, 2006

HOPE doesn't make the ballot


A proposed constitutional amendment that would have made access to health care a "fundamental right" and directed the Legislature to adopt a plan to expand health care coverage failed to qualify for the November ballot, the state elections division in the secretary of state's office announced Thursday.

State officials said there were 81,058 valid voter signatures in support of the initiative, well short of the 100,840 needed to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot. Supporters had a relatively high rate of 76.2 percent valid signatures, but because they collected only a total of 106,338 signatures they left themselves little margin for error.

Wow. This sucks.

In large part this failure can be attributed to those chief petitioners of other initiatives who were violating Measure 26 and paying by the signature. Signature gatherers can make a lot more money when petitioners are willing to pay fat bonuses for more signatures, so they'll carry those petititions instead.

Ted Blaszack at Democracy Resources whose employees worked on the HOPE initiative, couldn't get enough circulators.

Its pretty pathetic when an honest company that follows the law finds itself on the short shrift end of slimeballs like Bill Sizemore.