Sunday, August 27, 2006

Spanning the State--Is it raining yet? edition

Is anyone else about done with the hot weather? I live in Oregon for a reason, dammit.

Ah well. I have to get outside before it gets too hot. I've got bulbs to plant, deadheading to do and a bunch of dahlias that need cut and brought in to the house. So I'll stop my weather whining and commence with Spanning the State!


The Wasco County Sheriff is sounding a little more than grumpy toward the folks running the government in Salem. It seems there's a study going on to see if more cuts can be had to the State Police. But no one is asking Sheriff Eisland how he feels about counties having to pick up the slack if there aren't any more State Police Officers to patrol the area. So far Eisland can't find a single sheriff in Oregon that supports the move. But hey..its only public safety--what's a few more cuts? I'm sure those asshats who support TABOR won't mind seeing accidents caused by drunk drivers or massive speeding. What's a few more dead bodies on the freeways if it means lower taxes, right?

The paper in Sisters is all fires, all the time. They've even got folks from down under helping out. Not to mention the waxing reminiscent over the now defunct Black Crater Fire. And for those of you who thought smoke was good for your lungs, there's even an educational public service to disabuse you.

The Oregon State Fair is underway down in Salem. Last night the event drew in a myriad of concert goers who weren't there for the usual fair fare of country twang. They came to rock to the sounds of the Violent Femmes, Cake and the Decemberists. What a weird combination: livestock, mohawks, homemade jam and nipple piercings. Wow.

Another frivilous effort to abuse the recall system fails. This time in Mitchell.

Portland's Jewish Review contains an indepth piece about mounting anger in Israel over the way their government handled the war with Lebanon. Public protest is building, led by reserve Israeli soldiers. According to the story, "The reservists complain that operative plans were continually changed and that the military objectives were not clear". Sounds familiar, eh?

Over at Willy Week, Byron Beck writes the hell out of this piece on the weekly Storm Large report at Local Cuts. Byron and I both want to smack the Supernova band. What a bunch of twits. But Byron slays their ass kissing of Dilana beautifully: They’re so far up Dilana’s ass I’m surprised we can’t see their horns popping through the top of her head. That's exactly what I'd say if I could think of how to phrase it. Damn you for being better than me, Byron!

You know your town is boring (not to be confused with Boring) when the big news event of the week is the re-opening of a Rite-Aid. Zzzzzzzz

Folks up north in Walla Walla are bracing for an explosion of growth. And they're looking toward Bend, Oregon as example of what NOT to do. Some residents of Walla Walla believe that Bend has sacrificed its local charm, liveability and character in service to the almighty dollar.

Some homeowners in Eugene are learning the meaning of caveat emptor the hard way.

I'm a little late in noticing this LaGrande Observer editorial about Westlund's exit from the goobernor race. But I couldn't resist when I saw the headline: SAXTON BROADENS BASE AS WESTLUND EXITS CAMPAIGN. Uh....really? Maybe we'd better send the Observer editorial board a link or or two to LO. Or maybe they could just try the O's political blog. I don't know what polling they're reading over in LaGrande, but it sure as hell seems to be a far sight away from reality.