Monday, August 14, 2006

Stick that in your pipe dream and smoke it

Over at Ridenbaugh Press, Randy makes note of the GOP pipe dream to unseat Darlene Hooley in Oregon's 5th Congressional District.

It seems like most every election cycle, the Republicans rattle sabers over the 5th. They've been chomping at the bit to unseat Hooley since she snagged that seat.

A buddy of mine from DC is a GOP fundraiser for Congressional candidates. He's got a very realistic take on the various Congresscritters and in the past he's thought Hooley vulnerable. But not this cycle.

The public in general is very, very unhappy with the DC Republicans. GOP seats that were safe two years ago are in big trouble. If anything, Hooley will win by a larger margin than in previous years.

It takes much more than a spanky website and some TV ads to win an election. Just ask Ben Westlund.