Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Hunnert Grand

Sometime in the last 24 hrs or so, about a week shy of eight months after hoisting the flag on this rickety platform known as Blogger, Loaded Orygun registered its 100,000th page view. I don't exactly recall when we hit 50,000, although it got a housecleaning post just like this one, because--speaking of rickety--Blogger seems to have lost the capability to search the first 5-6 months of our archives. There are site redesigns in the offing, and we have some funds to move to a paying vendor or perhaps our own domain, so hopefully hit 200,000 will be both soon and under more elegant surroundings.

I'm pretty sure we did the second 50K a good deal faster than the first; election season seems like peak time for blogs, because since Labor Day we've been seeing high traffic and fairly active commenting. The M46/47 debate threatens to bust the 100 comment mark, which is high for any blog. That's a story in itself--who would have imagined it would be those initiatives to spark so much discussion?

We are grateful for the visits and especially the repeat visits. We try to have something useful or interesting every day (although lives do tend to interfere around major holidays), so make a habit of coming by in the morning and afternoon. Lurkers, take the plunge and speak your mind. Anonymous commenters--sack up, join the community, and register a handle.

The next 50 days or so ought to be fairly interesting, and I doubt we're done breaking exclusive stories, so keep an eye peeled as November approacheth. And thanks very much for stopping by to listen or do a little talking yourself. We hope to continue to be worth your time.