Sunday, September 24, 2006

Spanning The State--Get Off Your Ass And Enjoy The Sunshine Edition

Its supposed to be a gorgeous day today for most of the state--so as soon as you've finished reading this week's installment of Spanning The State , go outside and soak up some of those Vitamin D enriched rays o' sun. This is Oregon, after all. You gotta get that sun while the getting is good.

A bit of housekeeping first, however. The piece posted on LO Friday night entitled Deadbeat Domonic Biggi was reported incorrectly by Oregonian reporter Holly Danks (Click on the link and read the update and the bottom). Discussions with the Oregonian on the matter have resulted in Danks' story being pulled while the editors review the sourcing, documents, etc. We'll let you know how things shake out as events unfold.

Now before you shut off your computer and step outside, let's Span the State!


The collective whine eminating from the State of Oklahoma over the blown call during the Oregon came is beyond tedious. Yes there were two really bad call that screwed the Sooners. But its not like they didn't have other opportunities to score that they flubbed all on their own. Its time for Oklahoma to GET THE HELL OVER IT.

Gas prices in Oregon remain among the highest in the nation. Its either vote for Bush or get the longest gouging at the pump, I guess. Somehow it seems more ethical to take the gouging.

Monies set aside to keep rural doctors in a position to keep their practices in rural areas may not necessarily being spent as it was intended. The money was allocated mostly for obstetrics but seems to have gone to doctors practicing other specialties and in areas that are served by urban hospitals.

Part opinion-part reporting is evidenced in this piece at the Bend Bulletin. The author seems to lament the possible end to the "golden age" of Oregon politics. To his credit, he takes shots at all sides of the political spectrum. But this piece is oddly placed as a news piece where it may be more appropriately put into the opinion section.

Just in case the the media didn't have you scared with terrorism threats and e-coli, brace yourself for West Nile Virus. The only thing we have to fear is all this saber rattling about stuff to be afraid of.

Oh by the way, I'm not the only one that thinks its time for the Sooners to get over it.

The paper of record in Lebanon is encouraging a no on Measure 39. Their beef with the proposal stems from the way it increases expenses on the state without addressing the real eminent domain issues.

This isn't an Oregon-centric story, but its worth noting. Anyone who has a child in a Reading First school--its time to start demanding your school withdraw from this federally funded program. The program requires that students participate in reading for a large chunk of the school day--with idea sold to teachers and parents that they'll be using materials from across the curriculum for the reading. Except they don't use the cross-curriculum materials. An audit of the program shows that it forces the use of a phonics curriculum and doesn't allow the other materials. So students aren't getting the science, social studies, health and other subjects to make room for the copious amounts of time required with the mandated curriculum. What's more, the audit finds (surprise!) Bush cronyism, conflicts of interest, enforcements outside the law and a steering of funds improperly. If you're unsure about the status of your local school when it comes to Reading First, check here and here. Start attending Site Council and School Board meetings. Oregon schools need to opt out of this program. This is one of those times where throwing the baby out with the bathwater makes sense.